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current affairs

Just a little note to explain the blogging hiatus: I am in the final stretch of finishing my MA. Since my last post (almost two months ago) my life has consisted of working out in the mornings as hard as I’m able and destroying my hands, and then sitting in bed reading all day and […]

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holiday angst 2008

The holidays always tend to ruffle my feathers, but this year has been particularly bad, what with editing Maui wedding photos in record cold, being snowed in (hence no exercise or escape from the boxes of sugary goodness/evil) and sliding every further behind on my academic to-do list. So here I am in my building’s […]

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sunset and a minor flesh wound

Yesterday Vancouver was miserable; we had cold dark rain all day until just before sunset something changed, and all of a sudden there were photographer stirrings on gmail and google reader about the beautiful sky. This is how it came through in my dining room. Since I’ve only recently acquired a kitchen table and a […]

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New Year’s Day

This year I was lucky to be able to brunch in the New Year with my oldest and probably my best friend Alice. She and her partner Colin were taking a break from thesis-mode in the UK, and visiting family in BC (and house sitting for me while in Mexico.) Perhaps it’s kind of sad […]

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