buffie & mike

I first met Buffie as a bride’s maid at her sister Laura’s Okanagan wedding two years ago. This is when I was introduced to a remarkable group of friends who have since become familiar faces on my monitors! It has been such an honour and a pleasure to photograph five of these close friends as brides. The only downside to working with them is in juxtaposition– showing up repeatedly in my black/grey Jacob outfit, pony tail and fanny pack, entering a room of radiant women with social grace and lots of friends! I have much to learn. ( :

This first shot will give you some idea of the weddings happening in a fairly short period. The rings are getting a morning clean in Windex (?) I believe.

*this* is how to make a bed.

The girls hid in a condo just across from Brix. Mike looks to their window just before the ceremony.

This tree was covered in sawdust but Buffie and Mike were into it. I was so happy to hear that our portrait session was a highlight of the day—a time for them to be (almost) alone together and breathe some fresh air out in the trees.

Brix is a difficult venue for shooting. The only way I could catch reaction to the speeches (which were spot lit with a big tungsten lamp) was to perch on the edge of a stage and shoot up. The angle and proximity nixed flash. These were shot at 20th sec F1.4 iso 3200. As in … pushing it.

Buffie did her own makeup with some consultation with friends. Her flowers were from Kits Market on the corner of Yew and 1st, and by all accounts a steal. Her hair was done by the brilliant Lauren (who is going to give me her contact info soon!). I have seen Lauren’s work several times this summer and it is ‘shocking.’

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Ian Mitchell Beautiful as always!

kim hayes stunning!!

Lauren Melia- what gorgeous photos! Buffie & Mike- we were SO excited to be part of such an incredible day.
xoxo Lauren & Aron

Laura Millin Beautiful work as always, Melia! I love the warmth in the forest photos!

Jenn Best *sigh* Melia, I could look at your photos all day – Beautiful Job!

C.J. Scott Your b&g portraits just kill me every time. Beautiful work *as usual*, Melia.

Jessie Great pics, as always. Lovely lighting in the trees. A rather sexy one of the groom getting ready…And just one question: Is that a rice krispie cake?!

Kristi Stunning work. The light in your photos in unbelievable.