In India

Lots of travelling this year. Just on my way out the door to head to India for a month. I can’t get over the stunning colour of the water off the coast of Mexico where I was yesterday–enjoy. When I get back I’m going to try to post some pictures from Christmas in Europe. ( ; This week Delhi is fore-casted to have highs of 46 degrees Celsius (that’s 115 Fahrenheit for my American friends.) Back mid May!

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Doug Batchelor Wow, these are awesome, and hopefully not too dangerous for the camera! Btw, are these tilt/shift?

morgaine love, love this. think i’ll float here for a while…

Kristi Wright This is so dreamy. How I’d love to be right there right now staring up at the sky.

Palie Mann Come home already so we can hang out!!! I just looked through your website and your pictures make me want to get married 😀