Baru Sahib, ORC part III

I liked the natural light in the long corridor.

Other surgeons learn about lips and palates from Dr. Rai.

My first time seeing a cleft palate clearly.

Me in pre- op helping to entertaining the next patient. Bubbles and colouring were preferred methods of relaxing the kids while they waited for surgery.

Dr. Purdy reviews a boy’s chart before escorting him to the OR.

Dr.s on their way to work in the morning

One of our many delicious lunches!

The ladies who took care of us get a look in the OR

This little girl had just woken up after surgery, but bubbles were not a problem!

I remember the anxiety of waiting in the hospital as a teenager to go in for my tonsillectomy—it was nearly unbearable.

Fortunately many of the ORC staff spoke Punjabi, or Hindi, like Dr. Abbot.

Sometimes the team was able to help older patients as well. This man was very grateful to be under Dr. Brand’s care.

ORC brings a large number of toys for the kids to play with while they recover—and of course at home, later, as souvenirs.

The burned hand, opened up and recovered with a skin graft, several days later. It is progressing nicely.

BC Children’s Hospital Paediatrician Dr. Bhanji (aka Dr. Ghandi on this trip) running a clinic downstairs for skin problems.

Although I remained more or less unscathed, the high altitude, long days of standing, and differences in food and water content took a toll on many of the team. Several nurses opted to wrap their legs to cope with cankles.

We were happy that the ash from Iceland let up enough for Dr. Kevin Calder to join the team near the end of the mission. So was this roomful of ladies in the surgical ward.

Situated on top of a hill, the front yard of the hospital provided a scenic out door waiting area.

We were surprised one night by an incredible presentation by the students. On a stunning open air terrace we were treated to sublime music and various dances. I can’t remember a more enjoyable evening.

Scenes from our early morning walks and our departure.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to India and meet some of the wonderful people of Baru Sahib, the Mann family, who gave generously in funds and in their time and effort to making the mission a success, and I’m so glad to have worked with the Operation Rainbow Canada team! I hope very much to be able to do it again.

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Laura M Thank you, Melia, for such a touching and inspiring story. The beauty and spirit of the people you documented brought tears to my eyes.

Lynn@ C+L Beautiful & inspirational. Thank you for sharing your gift with such a great cause & for sharing it with us.

Pardeep Singh Your work blows my mind. You did a phenomenal job documenting your visit. Just stunning images, Melia.

Dr, Bob Purdy Thank you so much Melia. It was a pleasure working with you.

Diana I’ll sound a bit like a broken record, but this is absolutely inspiring. I hope there’s some way to share this with more people as I’m sure it will inspire more people to be more proactive in the world.

Karen McNeil These images are so beautiful. I feel so much emotion looking at them and what an experience you must of had. Amazing.

Peggy Leung Absolutely inspiring!

Champar Melia, you are truly amazing. Such awe inspiring pictures make us appreciate life so much more. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and documentary. YOU took me on that journey that you were part of.

E Melia,

Thank you so much. I am moved to tears. God be with us.

Dayna M Wow! What wonderful photos and what looks like such an amazing experience. Such an amazing photographer you are!