focus on the groom

Two reasons for this post– the first is that I’m often asked if I have experience shooting Indian weddings. Yes, yes I do. I have shot a fair number now, over the last couple of years, with my friend Amish Solanki and will be blogging them at some point soon. I am over-busy in the summer, but because he shoots Indian weddings, I make sure we can arrange to shoot together for at least a few dates. In this case, when my friend Kristel Wyman told me that she needed a second shooter for an Indian wedding last April, I signed up, despite leaving bright and early for Mexico the next morning.

The second reason for this post is that I almost always start the wedding day by photographing the bride’s getting ready and even have a tendency throughout the day to showcase her. I was a little nervous, therefore, going to shoot the groom’s prep. I’m so glad I got the chance to do it, though, and was glad to see the full process of tying a turban. I’ve included a few more shots from the rest of the day here, but have tried to keep it a ‘groomcentric’ collection and check my impulses to feature the bride.

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Fer Juaristi amazing set, love the power of your shots, I feel there.

Erik Second last shot is genius.

selina gorgeous. absolutely beautiful moments you captured, as usual. 🙂

Nathalie Really love the groomcentricity of the set. Wow.

cheryl i always drool over your indian weddings.

Cindy So pretty! I especially love the last two! Just gorgeous!