lisa + jesse

I have had this blog posting ready to go for the last three days, but I have been too worried that my writing won’t do any justice to the event or the excellent people involved, and so I have delayed. This is still the case, but the photos must come forth. When Lisa and Jesse first came over to meet me, I was very intimidated by their smarts, their looks and their kindness. I thought ‘what are these people doing in my bachelor pad sitting on my little IKEA couch practically under my loft bed?’ I’ve been having that feeling a lot this year, but I’m happy to say that a bigger pad is on the horizon and that although Lisa and Jesse were especially scary for me, I couldn’t help but be at ease with them after a short while, and thoroughly enjoy their wedding. Now for a few details.

Lisa is an architect and so, unsurprisingly, has great taste. Check out the cheeky contrast between her ivory lace dress and black lace Prada heels. On the architectural note, I tried to get some portraits of her and her sisters in front of a nice backdrop of buildings before we headed out the woodsy part of UBC. Pretty good thinking, eh? Architect… buildings… It turns out that I did a lot of shots with buildings at UBC as well, but I used them differently.

Lisa and Jesse were married at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Kits, which happily has a decent amount of natural light inside. This is part of the reason they chose it, and I think it was a good choice.

Lisa had a bride’s man, which I think is cool and surprisingly rare. Lisa also had her two beautiful sisters as attendants, one of whom obviously made an impression on the priest since he used her name, not Lisa’s during the rehearsal *as well* as in the actual ceremony!

One of Jesse’s brothers who was also a groomsman had been involved in a bike accident on the way to the rehearsal, and had to wear his arm in a sling for part of the day, which made for some unusual getting ready shots.

The very internationally-attended reception was at the wonderful Cecil Green out at UBC, and guests were entertained by a great live band whose coloured lights looked great in the back of the dancing photos.

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Sarah Priceless, Melia! Your work is absolutely astounding. Makes me want to get married all over again so you can shoot it 🙂

sean fantastic collection, melia.