August 2009 is full

It looks like next August is going to be as full as this one was! It is now fully booked. This has been a packed month indeed, with maternity and engagement shoots, a real live birth that I got to photograph (!!!) several wonderful weddings, including my friends Amish and Natisha’s Hindu celebration which took the better part of a week! It was an excellent wedding with which to end the season, despite my falling in a ditch and scraping myself up on the last day of it. This month I even got to experiment with setting up a photobooth of sorts at a couple of receptions, and I look forward to showing some of the amusing degeneracy which these humble constructions provoked. Before that, however, I have a few finished weddings waiting to be blogged and a move down the hall to pack for. As of September I will have twice the space, with a devoted shooting/studio room which I’m very much looking forward to. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take on even small studio shoots till at least November since I have so much post-production to catch up on and October is full of family weddings and travel. I will be blogging very regularly in the mean time. Below is a portrait of my lovely neighbour not long before giving birth, just cooling off at third beach. I’m grateful to her for braving the waters since it was the only real time I got this summer to enjoy the beach.

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sean that looks cold.
congrats on the new place and all the business.


Ash Majestic,