Nina + Mohib engagement

Nina and Mohib are getting married this Sunday, so I thought I had better get their engagement session up! I am so looking forward to it– my first Ismaili wedding. I will also be attending Nina’s henna party on Thursday night, and, if I’m not mistaken, have a chance to get some mehendi myself. I think Mohib and Nina’s engagement shoot was the first time this year that I’ve seen ISO 100 and something like four thousandths of a second… I hardly knew what to do with direct sunlight! We were fortunate enough to get permission to shoot at their beautiful mosque in Burnaby, but we had to come between prayer times. This meant coping with brightness that we in the lower mainland are rarely subjected to. Nina and Mohib in many of the photos are closing their eyes or gazing into each other’s eyes in an effort to protect their sight, but the effect is rather romantic. In the really intense shots they are discussing triple O sauce on the burgers they are going to have after the shoot. Mmmmm…