Pally & Inder

I’m lucky enough to have second shot a number of weddings with my friend Amish over the last couple of years. I usually start the day by going to the bride’s house for prep shots, which I love. I’m going to start putting samples of them up on the blog this winter/spring, as I am *finally* getting caught up with things. I’m really looking forward to going back in the archives and bringing out some favourites. This was obviously a handsome couple to work with– the only real difficulty of the day was the very dark room in the temple in which the ceremony was held. No windows (open anyway) and dark blue walls and dark carpeting. Amish often sets up some off camera flashes and we share them with our pocket wizards. It’s often tricky to get it just right when a couple is walking in a circle, or even if they’re stationary… but I think these two worked out fairly well and in different ways. this wedding had the added bonus of having photographer Pardeep Singh in attendance as a guest, so I finally got a chance to meet him outside of Facebook!

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cole mind-blowing kaleidoscope of colours. awesome as always, melia!

Rebecca This wedding and the photography is simply stunning!

Helena von Sivers such a visual treat!

Pardeep Beautiful stuff Melia.

Jared Tseng Could these be any more beautiful?!

Lloyed Valenzuela Awesome set!!!

nikki bezel absolutely stunning work, love your light + color, actually I could just go on and on. So happy to have found you.

Angela Waterberg sooo beautiful! amazing colors!

Dolly This is truly amazing! How lucky we were to have you as our photographer. I love looking at all of your work.

Rebecca Absolutely breath taking photographs… A beautiful wedding.