an anniversary gift

A couple of years ago my good friend Charles (whom I knew from taking the same Greek and Latin and eventually Hebrew classes at UBC for a few years) invited me as a guest to his wedding. I had just purchased my first digital camera (a Rebel XT) the day before and went nuts with it. I eventually made them a dvd slideshow as a wedding gift– all off of a one gig card. (I now take over twenty gigs with me to any wedding.) Unfortunately I had shot the entire wedding on the tungsten setting and had to re-warm every single photo, but Charles and his super nice wife, Britt, told me how much they liked it, despite sometimes dodgy colour balance of certain images ( ; I was very pleased to be able to go for a walk with Britt and their dog Lani in secret this last June in order to get a few portraits as a gift for Charles on their anniversary. If any of you have seen my Facebook profile you probably know that I am jealous of people with their puppies on the seawall, so this was a good project for me. As you may surmise from the last couple of shots, my camera *did* get splashed with salt water and I was covered in sand. A welcome change from my desk. ( ;