Sarah + Ash Engagement

Ash wasn’t feeling well the morning of the day we did this shoot, but because I knew Sarah and Ash were serious ultimate Frisbee players, I had them jumping off benches and leap-froging anyway. That makes me sound mean, I know, but I could tell he was having fun. After they were winded they got a chance to lie down in the grass and sit on my Ikea bench and on the beach too. Because of the position of the sun I was able to get some cool rainbow flares with my wide angle lens. I always think of ants bursting into flames under a magnifying glass whenever I’m shooting right into the sun– my eyeball is kind of like that ant– except wetter I guess. This is turning into a very strange post. Anyway, I am extremely excited to be shooting Sarah and Ash’s wedding at the end of August. They are combining Hindu and Anglican traditions like never before, and even they don’t know exactly what’s coming down the pipe at this point. Marigolds? Garden gnomes? I am holding my breath.







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Jessie Lovely shots, Melia. I love the rainbow glare and am especially drawn to the one of them lying on the grass — great lighting, composition….Just really, really nice…