manusha & jon

What a perfect way to start back to shooting only five weeks after having a baby! Jon and Manusha’s eight guests traversed some of the more challenging trails of Whytecliff Park to reach a private spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean and hear them exchange vows. This was a first for us– having the groom (and commissioner) choose a spot for the ceremony upon arrival then sending someone back to guide the bride, and we loved it. Manusha wore the sari her mother wore for her wedding, and we all enjoyed two kinds of the most fabulous wedding cake I’ve ever had after the little portrait shoot. (Here’s hoping there are recipes!) In any event, it’s great to be back!

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brooke mcallister fabulous once again. absolutely love these images!

Lucy Dylan Weddings What a fantastic way to come back! Love it as always. 🙂

morgaine wow… all this on no sleep! it’s a bright year for lucida if this is any indication. bw’s are superb, the colours are beautiful, and these are lovely moments and compositions. i love all of it!

Andreas Stunning!!

Helena von Sivers love your style!

Ramani Exquisite pictures.Love the way you combined black and white with the vivid colour shots.And with Nature as a backdrop,they were just beautiful.