nicole & matt engagement

A late summer engagement session. I remember sitting with Nicole and Matt in their downtown apartment with their many books and magazines about us and talking about how that location in particular would ‘date’ the images, in a good way. Images of their first home together, surrounded by what they were reading leading up to their wedding, and what was going on in the world outside of Vancouver and wedding details—the Euro crisis, Gadaffi’s last days and so forth, which would in turn remind them of how they once shared an address with an uncanny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lookalike. Nature, too, shared with us its late summer evenings’ best– golden grasses and soft warm light.

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Emilia Jane Beautiful!!

Chris enjoyed these as always especially the soft/split focus stuff, innovative.

fer juaristi girl, i just love how you see.

Barrie Photographers Awesome, really enjoy your work!