New Year’s Day

This year I was lucky to be able to brunch in the New Year with my oldest and probably my best friend Alice. She and her partner Colin were taking a break from thesis-mode in the UK, and visiting family in BC (and house sitting for me while in Mexico.) Perhaps it’s kind of sad that we see each other so rarely, but neither of us has any time anyway, and we have started to cook up plans for Scotland and Cuba in the near future. Colin was kind enough to take some rare pictures of the two of us together in English Bay, as you can plainly see. This was right before Alice went plunging into the bay as a participant in the annual Polar Bear swim. Alice is a highly intelligent girl– she is finishing up her PhD in something fairly obtuse over in London, paints fine paintings and plays the piano brilliantly, but I suppose even people like her have their moments of (idiocy) misplaced fun. Whenever here for New Year’s Day she chooses this near-trample-death experience into a dirty frigid bay and a walk around the block without pants.  I only snagged these shots from the sidelines; there was no way I was going to wade with Amish Solanki’s sweet TS lens into the plebs like that. I’m very grateful to him for lending over a season of closed rental stores! More images from it to come soon!