Jodie & Matt elope!

I was in touch by email with Jodie and Matt for the better part of a year before they were able to come all the way from Australia and elope to Vancouver (I’m not really sure about the grammar around eloping to/from, but I hope it’s clear enough.) The week before the wedding Jodie went and bought a dress in town and on the way to the ceremony she stopped and picked up a bouquet. They let me choose the spot– I suggested they go check out Lighthouse Park in West Van. They said they wanted to keep it a surprise and preferred to just trust me. They arrived in a car with a driver and Jodie put on some flip flops for a walk into the forest until they were too anxious to go any further and we all stopped at Songbird Meadow in the middle of the park and they were married by Marilyn Knipp. It was an honour for Jules and I to sign as witnesses and we spent the next couple of golden hours taking photos around the park before dropping them off to their wedding dinner at Hawksworth. It was a perfect day.

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Emilia Jane This is stunning!

Pardeep Amazing. Beautiful story and images.

jennifer armstrong truly lovely. Beautiful, honest, sweet captures.