Jenny and Glenn

First of all I was very grateful to be doing something cool for New Year’s Eve this year! Now that that’s out of the way I can tell you a bit about this brilliant wedding. Perhaps I should let the photos lead the way. The first two feature Jenny’s gorgeous dress from Something Blue. Its bottom was rimmed with a silvery satin, which matched the little sash around her waist.  The cloak she wore outside actually belonged to her grandmother c. 1938!  The couple decided that instead of limos to and fro, they would hire a trolley! I was pleased to be able to walk around a bit (instead of sitting in the mini bar as I usually do in limos) and to have great light, as you can see in this shot of Jenny and her sister on route to the church.
Traditionally the aisle-impact belongs to the bride alone, but judging from the series of shots I have of Jenny’s expressions coming down the aisle, I doubt she took a moment’s reflection about her own grand entrance. The moment the reverend signaled for Glenn to turn around I’m willing to bet we all had goose bumps– Glenn had dressed in his military uniform, which was a complete surprise to everyone—his uniform was supposedly left back east!
After a lovely ceremony we went out for a portrait session which was my coldest and darkest ever. I like the images we got, but I don’t know if any of us liked getting them, if you know what I mean. ( ; I found upon my initial edit that I had photographed Glenn from a very low angle, which emphasized a certain awe that I had around this man in uniform. You can see this perspective in at least a couple of shots below.
We were all relieved to hop on the warm trolley which took us back to the Sutton Place for the reception, which was a great party. The picture of the man bursting his bonds, for example… that was just the intro to Glenn’s brother’s speech! The cake was the creation of Jenny’s mother who had taken an entire course for the project—it was just shy of 60 lbs. I also like the shot of one of Jenny’s maid’s reacting to the bride dancing with her father. The last few shots were taken in the neighborhood after the first dance. Thanks for braving the cold with me to get some night portraits, Jenny and Glenn. I’m so glad to hear your party lasted for a good while after!