I feel a little silly for having CDs and DVDs printed as the sun has about set on that technology, but it sure feels good to have, at last, some business cards etc printed on some beautiful thick paper. Good paper, unlike digital media, will never fall out of favour in my opinion. I hope that some of the design is visible in these photos and on most monitors– white on white was a natural choice for me. I chose constellations for my new graphic embellishment as ‘Lucida’ means ‘light, bright, shining’ in Latin and the origin of light is of course the sun which is of course a star. The patterns of stars in many ancient cultures were thought to contain information about the future, about fate, destiny. One readily thinks of Romeo & Juliet as ‘star crossed lovers’ but I propose that positive romantic allusions are just as common and probable in most canons. I am no astronomy or astrology buff but have always savoured a starry sky when I’ve had the chance. It’s part of what I love about Hawaii–the clarity and seeming proximity to a myriad of tiny lights in the darkness.

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Jessie Very nice!

colin dobson Hi.
Laura Steuart, whose wedding you photographed a few years back, gave me your name.
My son is getting married, August 9th.
Please give me a call to discuss.

BTW (hope you don’t mind): Stationery (with an e not an a – unless it never changes – hehe)

Colin: 604.787.6424

melia Ack! Good catch, Colin. Thank you! I have made the change.