Taylor & Johnathan

Taylor and Johnathan got married at home with their closest friends and family around them on one of the snowiest days in Vancouver history I’m sure! The bride was slightly delayed, in fact, due to car vs. snow issues at the bottom of her road. This was my first wedding with my 5D Mark II, and I was very glad to have it since I like to shoot available light at the best of times, but especially during the ceremony, and on a dark winter’s day that means 6400 ISO, 40th sec at F 1.2, as you can see here in a couple of cases. I am starting to realize, however, that the ability of this camera to shoot in very low light gets people worried that my pictures aren’t going to turn out! Luckily they do for the most part. Anyway, I wish Taylor and Johnathan a very pleasant stay in Maui as we continue to thaw here. Not missing anything in Van!

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SEAN oh my goodness, wonderful moments. the second to last image is so great. enjoy the new camera!

Jessie Lovely pics! I’m particularly fond of the snowman, but then I’m suffering from snow-envy these days. The Canadian blood coursing through my veins is wanting some of that cold white stuff…

Amina Wojcik I love the “ssshhhh”
Perfect timing.

benj haisch INCREDIBLE!