holiday angst 2008

The holidays always tend to ruffle my feathers, but this year has been particularly bad, what with editing Maui wedding photos in record cold, being snowed in (hence no exercise or escape from the boxes of sugary goodness/evil) and sliding every further behind on my academic to-do list. So here I am in my building’s furnace room testing my new flash head and obviously feeling very sorry for myself. So from my cold dark abode to yours… happy holidays!

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James With all that angst, this session appears to be quite liberating. I think I ought to give this a try.

Lesley Seems very tense in there, but like James said, very liberating as well.


Amish I need to go down there and let myself loose.

melia All you stressed out photographers are welcome to come and scream in my basement any time. As long as you do your own post-production.

SEAN it was a rough week! hope your new year is great.

Jessie Just how I feel at times, especially when I get to thinking about that damn dissertation that needs to be finished by August….Argh…

Erik Great sweater choice for that monochromatic look. Or am I looking at this too closely?

Kim Hayes these are great! very much i how felt being snowed in 🙂