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Just a little note to explain the blogging hiatus: I am in the final stretch of finishing my MA. Since my last post (almost two months ago) my life has consisted of working out in the mornings as hard as I’m able and destroying my hands, and then sitting in bed reading all day and evening until my eyes and brain stop functioning together. I have just finished my third comprehensive exam and have begun my * last paper ever. * To be totally truthful I have to revise part of another, but it’s all due Apr. 17th at the latest. I have some great winter weddings to blog, photos of albums and many other items to post when I feel like this next paper is in the bag, so to speak. I am really looking forward to emerging from my cave in a little over a month for spring and wedding season! I’ve got some shiny new equipment, new books, albums and ideas. In the mean time I have completely sworn off all social networking sites– even google reader and gmail chat. Dark times. Now back to the books…

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kristel wyman i can’t wait til april 17th! let the good life begin!!

sean get it done!!! cross fit is so tough, i don’t know how you do it.

Sarah i know you’ll survive. can’t wait to see more of your stunning work. missing it!

Jonas Peterson Just found your blog via Kristel. You’ve got an amazing eye. Really. Sensational stuff.