(Here comes the sun)…It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter…

Greetings blog friends! As of last night at about 9:30 pm, since I emailed my last paper off to a prof in Holland, I am no longer in grad school. I have been a full time student since, oh, I think 1984, so this is a particularly sweet moment. I have been sitting in bed 12 hrs a day, most days, cramming for comprehensive exams and expanding graduating papers for this final push since Jan 15th. Last night, however, I stayed up till 1 am reading a novel, (a novel! No note taking involved!) Wild Swans, for my upcoming trip to Beijing. This morning I was in a cleaning frenzy until at 9:30 I had all four wisdom teeth extracted. I must say, after a few intensely bloody moments upon arriving home, it’s not as bad as it looks. The experience has been a cakewalk compared to my adult tonsillectomy—that much is certain.

In any event, I promise these will be the last unflattering photos of me and my bloodied bits in a very long time, since this year is going to be wonderful—lots of travel and bunch of incredible weddings are lined up. I have two weddings to post even now, so finer faces will soon appear!

It’s great to be back.

A little Hebrew on child sacrifice!

books to return from the last exam

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Selina haha, love the photo of you, melia! you look good for having four new gum holes opened up. 😉 ps. i’m happy to see that your teeth here don’t look quite as gory as in real life.

James Ow! And it looks like you might miss that pretty stack of somewhat colour-coordinated books. Enjoy Beijing!

gabe Oh, ouch! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. congratulations on completing grad school!

kristel wyman wow, you look pathetic. really really pathetic. too bad you’re not rocking the study sweater.

how do you make extracted teeth look so good?! and those books… i wish i took those photos, they’re beautiful. however, i’m glad i didn’t read all those books. very glad. very very glad.

Jessie Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

j good to have you back (here); you are missed ([t]here).

Erik Awesome as always, Melia. Huge congrats at finishing school, now you can relax and be dumb like the rest of us! Just make sure you bring that “Kodak 8000 System” to a wedding. That’s never been done I bet.

Christine Congratulations Melia…you did it!! Hahahaha…..that’s one thing I didn’t think of doing when I got my wisdom teeth out….photographing them! Maybe I should though, then at least I could throw them out!! I still have mine in a small coin envelope in my closet…..strange how the tooth fairy never picked them up…… 😉 Have a happy recovery time ~ and a wonderful Easter weekend!

amber What lovely teeth! And I’m especially loving your panoramic x-ray 🙂 Hope you have a speedy recovery and congrats on finishing school!

ash Your little teeth look like flower buds… and the picture of poor little you does evoke one my few ‘awwws’. I trust Jules is doing his husbandly duties and taking good care of you. Be well. ash

Margaret Thatcher I’m crazy about the feathered wedding pieces. Thank you for the link to A Farmer’s Daughter….What an amazing little artist! Margaret

Melanie Hull Beautiful work Melia…Thanks for sharing the wedding of Jolie and Arka’s wedding..Stunning!!!
The feather pieces ohhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!