jolie & arka

Here are some candid shots of some of the wonderfully expressive faces at my step-sister Jolie’s wedding last December! I love the vintage hairstyles she chose, along with the feather head pieces and feather boutonnieres by local designer, a Farmer’s Daughter! Everyone prepped at the Wall Center and walked across the street to St. Andrew’s-Wesley for the ceremony in the side chapel. The reception was at Brock House.

Arka and Jolie’s son Nicholas was the ring bearer—or bear in this case!

A cautionary image: the church was decorated with lilies the night before, but they did not hold up!

My mum’s wonderful new husband, Patrick and his daughter.

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Muriel Silva Melia, your work is soooo beautiful!!!!

kristel wyman these are beautiful, i love how moody they are, and the way you told a complete story.

Melanie Hull Oh my word these are beautiful… Thanks for sharing them with me… I love the profile shot of Jolie from the side she look like a 1940’s film star…. Just gorgeous!!!!

James Timeless black & white work. Bravo!