mum + patrick

So my mother got married recently, and although I was busy chatting with people and doing bride’s maid type activities I took some photos. I am happy to post them because I am just so pleased to have Patrick and his two cool kids in my family. The wedding was a very small affair in my uncle’s back yard. The ceremony lighting was the most treacherous I’ve ever had to deal with because not only were the bride and groom in strong direct sunlight (not a huge deal) but a piece of decorative tulle had fallen out of place on the tent and cast a big black shadow over both of their faces (huge deal). I have managed to reconstruct a shot or two, but the rest will just be there for us… unedited… on disc… for another time if we need them. The light for the rest of the afternoon was gorgeous, however, and one couldn’t have asked for a better October day to photograph one’s family.

Champar, my adopted Trinidadian sister was the maid of honour. Here she is with my cousins. Patrick’s daughter helps him button up.

Although Rev. Marilyn Knipp won’t love this picture, she was fabulous at the wedding and put my very nervous mother right at ease. Sorry to post this one of the ceremony but it was one of the easiest to salvage.

I *made* this bouquet. Seriously.

My lovely cousins again. Apparently they asked if the role(s) of flower girl had been filled, found out it hadn’t been, and volunteered their services.

My sister, brother and grandfather sharing a bad joke no doubt.

Patrick is a new grandfather. This beautiful baby has heightened my mother’s desire to become a grandmother in her own right….hmmm. See fawning photos below.

My mum poisoned me with chocolate before I could even speak, getting me hooked on the brown drug… which is why I was dumbfounded when her ivory and green colour scheme won out over a truly chocolate cake. I still can’t believe it and feel just a little betrayed.

I’m sorry if my mum doesn’t like this photo, but I do so love her excitement about the cake, despite its lack of cocoa solids. I know the feeling.

This is the cool friend who introduced the two.

The Sorenson kids. Fred, me, Jordan. They’re much handsomer and younger.

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olive jane I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of you. You are hot! ok, so your sibs are good looking people but you certainly got the upper hand in dramatic good looks! You couldn’t get a more perfect nose and pair of eyes and flawless complection if you mail ordered them. I lived with you, your always hard on yourself and knock yourself down…when are you going to call a spade a spade, you rock just face it already!

Darcie Brown It looks like it was a wonderful day. I’m impressed with your bouquet making skills. Congratulations to your mother and the rest of your family!

The woman who married them is my favorite officiant that I’ve ever seen do a wedding.